Enduro tours in Shatili

2 Days Enduro Tour - in Khevsureti, Georgia

   We organize Enduro tours in Georgia. Shatili is one of the best destination for Enduro tours in Georgia. The whole bike path is full of beautiful views and alpine mountains which give you possibilities to ride in everywhere. Our motorcycle tours running all over the Georgia in Caucasus mountains. We offer you Enduro tours in the republic of Georgia. All our Enduro bike tours running in high mountains regions, our Enduro lines running in nature. The areas where we ride are amazingly nice. We will offer you the best Enduro trails in the world that you have ever done before. Georgia is just an amazing place for Enduro tours.  Caucasus mountains are covered by green trees and  huge mountain picks at altitude more when 5000 meters. We offer you unforgettable tours in Georgia. Our guides are local Georgians, they have big experience of riding and they are masters of trails.

Day 1. Ride in Shatili

Our motorbike trip starts in North side of Georgia. We are going to ride in historical place called - Khevsureti and will visit touristic village Shatili. On the way we need to cross 'Datvi' pass. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 2900 meters. The ride distance is 100 km. The road is mostly double track and dirty. The way is very beautiful - surrounded by great Caucasus mountains. In the evening we have Georgian traditional local food for dinner. We will taste Georgian Vodka (Chacha).

Overnight in - Shatili. 

Day 2. Ride in Mutso

In the morning we are going to ride in Northern Khevsureti (Pirikita Khevsureti) - in village called Mutso. The village, almost completely abandoned more than a century ago, is a home to approximately 30 medieval fortified dwelling units arranged on vertical terraces above the Mutso-Ardoti gorge, four combat towers and ruins of several old structures and buildings. Difficult to access, the village retains original architecture, and is a popular destination for tourists and mountain trekkers. Listed, however, among the most endangered historic monuments of Georgia, a project of the rehabilitation of Mutso has been developed since 2004.

After we are going to ride back to 'Datvi' pass and visit beautiful villages - Roshka and Barisakho. In the evening time we are going back to Tbilisi. In the guest house we will have dinner and hot sauna, we also taste Georgian traditional beer.

Overnight - in Tbilisi guest house.

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